Lab Life: Researcher Gives Brands Top Tips On What Kind Of Video Content Drives Sharing, Length And Branding (Video)

In the latest Lab Life, Andy Scofield talks to social video researcher Dr Karen Nelson-Field about her pioneering work

Dr Karen Nelson-Field has been studying the psychology of advertising, figuring out what makes viewers transform into sharers. Her work at The Ehrenberg Bass Institute, at the University of South Australia, has put complex psychological theory to work on the web’s most popular videos.

Working closely with Unruly for over two years, Nelson-Field’s work has helped advertisers around the world to better understand online audiences and the power of creating emotionally engaging content.

Her work has shown that content really is king, whether the video is branded or not, and that the most shared videos are the ones that elicit the strongest emotional reactions.

While visiting the Unruly Social Video Lab, Nelson-Field told us more about her research and how advertisers can optimise their video content to drive sharing.

It’s well worth a watch.