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Case Study: Taking Coca-Cola’s campaign to the next level

In 2018, the global drinks brand Coca-Cola, launched an ad campaign in Sweden for its new flavoured Coca-Cola Light Exotic Mango drink.


Understanding Coca-Cola’s audience

The brand produced a 10 second long video creative to promote the new flavoured drink.

The ad shows a couple drinking the new Coca-Cola flavoured drink in their lounge, and then transitions to a man sitting on a plane and drinking the passenger’s Coke who he is sitting next to whilst they sleep.  

To achieve brand awareness and optimal completion rates, Coca-Cola partnered with us to help them harness the power of emotional data.

With women aged 30 to 44 being the intended audience, Coca-Cola used our proprietary content research and testing tool UnrulyEQ.

Measuring the video’s impact on brand metrics allowed us to improve campaign success by understanding emotional, behavioural and cultural characteristics.

UnrulyEQ found that the creative evoked strong emotions of pride, warm heartedness, and happiness in viewers.

Coca-Cola Light Mango can
The power of environment

The ad was then distributed at scale via UnrulyX, across our Premium Publisher Network and appeared on premium Swedish sites including Elle, Metro, Topphälsa, Tara and styleby.nu.

At Unruly we believe that the environment you deliver your ad in is extremely important as the content it sits next to can greatly affect how it’s perceived. Not only this, but studies show that ads shown in premium environments produce greater levels of engagement and long-term memory encoding amongst consumers compared to ads on other sites.

The results

By pre-testing, identifying and using data targeting against the initial target audience, we managed to increase campaign results dramatically.

The campaign delivered an outstanding 521,622 completed views, a huge 126% uplift in Brand favourability, and a 108% uplift in Brand Promoters. It also boasted a 112% uplift in Purchase Intent and an enormous 76.28% completion rate!

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