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News You Can Use: Digitrust Gathers Momentum

Each and every week Unruly scours the web, Twitter feeds and events for the biggest stories from around the ad industry – so you can catch up on anything you missed before the weekend.

This week agencies and platforms across the industry released a number of key reports into, among other things, the growing programmatic education gap between agencies and brands.

Elsewhere, Bidswitch and Exchangewire took a deep dive into the current and future state of Deal ID-driven trading, aka, PMPs.



3. Bidswitch and Exchangewire research shines a light on PMPs

Bidswitch and Exchangewire this Thursday released new research to coincide with their ‘Future of DealIDs’ panel.

The survey of programmatic traders revealed the extent to which PMP trading is preferred – with 87% of global media professionals saying they regularly use deal ID-based trades.

The research also showed that those transacting through Deal ID-based trades were regularly seeing improved brand safety, better access to high-quality inventory and overall improved ROI.


2. Study reveals advertiser confusion around programmatic

A new study published by programmatic agency Infectious Media has found that 71% of advertisers believe media agencies have struggled to adapt to programmatic.

Nearly three-quarters (73%) said agencies do not accurately measure programmatic, while 66% of advertisers cited complexity of the supply chain as the main source of these problems.


1. Digitrust Consortium hits ‘critical mass’

Digitrust, a coalition aimed at creating more transparency and collaboration within the industry, this week announced that 14 publishers and 29 adtech companies have pledged to use a standard ID which offers better audience recognition

Cat Jones, Global SVP, Data at Unruly said: “We’re excited to partner with DigiTrust to help create a higher level of transparency and collaboration. The industry is in need of standardisation and the DigiTrust Consortium’s efforts will benefit the entire ecosystem”.