Unruly / viral review / 5 Halloween 2017 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

5 Halloween 2017 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every Halloween Unruly hunts around the web for the spookiest, scariest ads on the web – and then puts them into a handy list so you can catch up before November 1st rolls around.

This week’s batch includes Halloween spots from brands big & small, including Burger King, Buffalo Wild Wings and Skittles.

Verizon Fios take a comic route with its spot, with Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo battling a creepy neighbour over scary internet service.

Also in our round-up is an ad from Buffalo Wild Wings and Burger King, who doubles down on fear and nostalgia to get their viewers participating in its free Whopper Halloween initiative.

Rounding out the list is an exceptionally spooky ad from Skittles, which comes as part of Mars’ ‘Bitesize Horror’ series – each of which are certainly worth a watch.



5. Burger King – #ScaryClownNight

This ad from Burger King cleverly leverages the clown frenzy that has swept over big and small screens in 2017. Channelling summer movie hit ‘It’ and Steven King in general, it mixes familiar imagery of a kid on a BMX and an 80s synth soundtrack to create a spooky and timely ad.


4. Duracell – Cat Piano


In this fun and playful spot from Duracell, the brand tackles one of the scariest possible situations you can be in – running out of batteries.


3. Buffalo Wild Wings – The Red Zone


Buffalo Wild Wings brings another nightmare to life in its Halloween ad, this time in the world of sports. A rabid Florida Gators fan dresses up in the enemy (the Georgia Bulldogs) colours and, quite literally, all hell breaks loose.  


2. Verizon Fios – Dark Ages


With season two of Stranger Things hitting our screens, one of the stars of the hit TV show, Gaten Matarazzo, features in this Verizon spot in which he battles a creepy neighbour over a millennial’s worst nightmare – poor internet service.


1. Skittles – Floor 9.5


‘Floor 9.5’ is part of Mars’ ‘Bitesize Horrors’ series, which consists of 4 excellently scary shorts released just in time for October 31st. The spot has a brilliantly simple concept involving a Twilight Zone-worthy twist, imagining what happens when a building’s elevator stops between floors, and what horrors might lurk there.