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5 Sessions You Can’t Miss At The Future of Storytelling 2017

The Future of Storytelling 2017 is less than a week away – and we are so excited to see what’s in store!

This year’s event is one to not be missed – with speakers, workshops and exhibits from companies such as USA Networks, NPR and Vimeo all discussing the most innovative ways to create compelling content.

But while this year’s 2-day festival is shaping up to be one of the best yet, it can be hard to know exactly how to spend your time.

That’s why we’ve created this list of 5 sessions you absolutely can’t miss to help navigate your way through the event.



1. When Truth Becomes Fiction and Fiction Becomes Truth

Saturday, October 7th, 2:00 PM

Discussing quite possibly the hottest topic in the media today – fake news – Deputy Ideas Editor of Quartz, Georgia Francis King, will moderate a panel with industry-leading journalists on the public’s trust, or lack thereof, in the mainstream media.


2. Experiential Marketing, Branding with Immersive Storytelling

Saturday, October 7th, 12:30 PM

Moderated by Refinery29’s Experiential Creative Director, Albie Hueston, this panel will discuss how companies are investing in immersive storytelling techniques to help create lasting bonds between consumers and brands.


3. Creative Frontiers in AI

Saturday, October 7th, 11:00 AM

Julia Kaganskiy, director of New INC at the New Museum, will lead a conversation on the way brands, content creators and storytellers work alongside the developments in the world of AI.


4. Redefining Identity through the Lens of the Media

Friday, October 6th, 12.30 PM

Moderated by the founder and president of Ghetto Film School, Joe Hall, some of the most innovative creators  in media today (including the Head of Comedy, Drama & VR of Amazon Studios, Joe Lewis) will be in conversation on how to use media to reshape our view of identity.


5. The Future of VR

Friday, October 6th, 2.00 PM

In this session moderated by Dan Tucker, the curator of Alternate, creators, funders and studios will discuss what the future of Virtual Reality looks like for storytellers.


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