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5 Things You Need To Know About Ramadan Advertising in SEA

With Ramadan just around the corner, Unruly is here to help.

We’ve analysed the top video ads from Ramadan last year, across Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to bring you a comprehensive view of Ramadan based video advertising in Southeast Asia.

So you can spend less time worrying about what works and what doesn’t, and more time with friends and family this holiday period.


1. Emotion is key


Southeast Asian audiences tend to respond very well to inspiration, warmth and happiness (+ 111%, + 71% and +69% respectively vs. global average) especially around Ramadan.

Using these emotions in your branded content will help you engage your audience as well as boosting brand favourability and purchase intent.

And don’t forget less utilised emotions like hilarity… this approach can help gain cut-through versus competitors. Chips Ahoy! used humor very effectively with its 2016 funny cookies ad which notched up a share rate of 17%, and a 1% share of voice for overall shares in SEA.


2. Quality not quantity



Focus on producing really engaging content rather than spamming viewers. Last year, some of the highest share rates were achieved by brands that released just one ad. Pond’s, Mini, Chips Ahoy!, Singapore Airlines and Acer all hit share rates of +13% with their single ads. Pond’s campaign “#CahayaCantikRamadhan” featured an original song about Ramadan by Indonesian singer Raisa, who has featured in several successful beauty ads over the past year.


3. Support great content



If you’re creating awesome content, don’t forget to support it with paid media to ensure it reaches it’s full potential with viewers.

Last year, some of the most popular content was widely shared but was not as not as widely viewed as it could have been. Conversely Unilever, Samsung, Bank Simpanan Nasional and Bukalapak ran campaigns or ads that were all both highly viewed and shared – together accounting for a 47% share of voice for views and a 26% share of voice for shares. Unilever’s cross-brand “1001 Inspirasi Ramadan” campaign earned the brand three spots in the 10 Most Shared Ramadan Videos chart, a 13% overall share of voice for shares and 33% for views.


4. Keep the conversation going with viewers



Creating a mini-series of ads released throughout the Ramadan period creates a continuous conversation with viewers that keeps brand awareness and engagement high.

Indonesian Coca-Cola brand Frestea employed episodic branded content most successfully last year. Its Ramadan series went viral – dominating the 10 Most Shared Ramadan Videos chart – with 40% of the videos, including the top three spots.

Episode 1 “The Breakup” was the most shared Ramadan video of 2016 in SEA, with 479,000 shares, and the 9th most shared video in APAC last year (Top 10 Most Shared APAC Videos 2016). The video achieved an impressive share rate of 24%.


5. Tie your brand to the holiday



Find a way to unique way to tie your brand or product to the holiday. Last year several brands managed this very successfully.

Beauty brands Pond’s and Rumah Cantik Citra both made it into the 10 Most Shared Ramadan Videos chart by giving viewers tips on keeping their skin healthy during the holiday, while tech brands Acer and Samsung achieved great share rates (13% and 3.1% respectively) by demonstrating how technology can connect families during the holiday. Rumah Cantik Citra’s how-to video “#CitraIndahnyaRamadhan” was the 4th most shared Ramadan video, achieving a share rate of 29%.

But remember – it must feel authentic to your brand. 86% of viewers in Southeast Asia are put off a brand if an ad feels fake (source: Unruly Future Video Survey).


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