Unruly / viral review / Unruly’s 4th Annual Video Awards Celebrate The Brands That Moved The World In 2016

Unruly’s 4th Annual Video Awards Celebrate The Brands That Moved The World In 2016

Red Bull, John Lewis and Amazon were among the winners as we celebrated the ads that moved the world in 2016 at our annual Unruly Video Awards ceremony yesterday.

Hosted on Twitter, the awards honour the campaigns that made us laugh out loud, jump for joy and shed a tear over the past 12 months.

We #sharedthelove with some of our most shared brands of the year, as well as using our emotional analysis tools to uncover the video ads that made people the happiest, saddest and much much more.

But just in case you missed all the excitement – we thought we’d do a little recap of all the categories and their winners.

Here we go:


First up were our BIG 3 awards:

Most Shared Brand of the Year – Red Bull (25m shares)


Most Emotional Ad of the Year – Prudential: Relationship Reconnect


Most Shared Ad of the Year – John Lewis: #BusterTheBoxer



Next up we had our Most Shared Brands awards, by sector.


Most Shared Auto Brand – Volkswagen

Most Shared Consumer Tech Brand – Samsung

Most Shared Soda Brand – Sprite

Most Shared Snack Food – Cadbury

Most Shared Finance Brand – ICICI

Most Shared Movie Studio – Universal Pictures

Most Shared Telecom Brand – Vodafone

Most Shared Retail Brand – Amazon

Most Shared Apparel Brand – Nike

Most Shared Supermarket Brand – Tesco Lotus

Most Shared Gaming Brand – Playstation

Most Shared Fast Food Brand – McDonald’s


The next set of categories were determined by our tools Unruly EQ and Unruly Pulse – here we analysed the emotional impact of the year’s biggest ads to determine the creatives which resonated with audiences the most.


Happiest Ad – SKII: The Wish

Saddest Ad – Unicef: #foreverychild

Most Inspiring Ad – Nestlé: Running With India

Most Exhilarating Ad – Virgin Media: #BeTheFastest

Proudest Ad – P&G: Thank You Mom (Rio)

Funniest Ad – Hyundai: First Date

Most Nostalgic Ad – Mercedes-Benz: My Mercedes And I With Stacey Clark

Warmest Ad – SKII: For Every Moment

Most Amazing Ad – Samsung: Gear VR


Next, we looked at the most loved video ads from around the world, using Unruly Pulse to identify the brands and advertisers that tapped into national sensibilities in the most effective way.


Most Loved UK Ad – John Lewis: #BusterTheBoxer

Most Loved US Ad – Pedigree: By My Side

Most Loved German Ad – Nivea: Ein Teil Von Dir

Most Loved Australian Ad – Animals Australia: Joy

Most Shared Japanese Ad – Nissan: The Professional

Most Shared Indian Ad – Ariel: #ShareTheLoad

Most Shared ASEAN Ad – 7-Eleven Thailand: Teachers

Most Shared Nordic Ad – Volkswagen: Trailer Assist


Finally, we looked at the ads that caused the highest purchase intent. These were the videos that were so compelling viewers just had to buy a product straight away.


The Video That Made People Want To Buy (UK) – Dulux: Whose Room Is It Anyway?


The Video That Made People Want To Buy (US) – Heinz: Wiener Stampede



The Video That Made People Want To Buy (DE) – Nivea: Ein Teil von Dir



You can see a full list of finalists and winners for #TheUnrulies here – and we’ll see you next year!



For our emotions-based awards we used Unruly Pulse and Unruly EQ to analyse the year’s biggest ads. Unruly Pulse is powered by our unique, first-party data on emotional advertising. It visualises data from a million consumer responses across thousands of videos. For our sharing awards we tallied shares of video content directly from official brand pages on YouTube and Facebook throughout the year.

Our ‘Most Emotional Ad of the Year’ category was determined by looking at the prevalence of intense positive emotional reactions to video ads, and identifying the ad which had the greatest impact across the board.