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Adland’s 2017 Predictions: CMOs And CEOs Share Their Trends To Look Out For In #UnInterviews Campaign

This month we asked thought leaders from around the world to give their predictions for Adland in 2017 as part of our #UNinterviews campaign.

We spoke to CMOs and CEOs from across the advertising industry – including Pepsico CMO Brad Jakeman,  IAB Australia CEO Vijay Solanki and IAB Australia CEO Miranda Dimopoulos – asking them to look into their crystal balls for the trends to look out for over the next 12 months.

As well as their forward-facing thoughts, we also got our interviewees to reveal their favourite ads of 2016 (as well as their ideal present this holiday season).

So sit back, relax and watch some of our contributors give their thoughts. As the article was getting super long, we could not feature every video, so we added links to some of our other contributors’ predictions at the end. Here are Unruly’s predictions (download link).

Massive, massive thanks to everyone who contributed. Here’s to a prosperous 2017!



Other predictions:

Belinda Barker – Content marketing will continue to grow.

Karen Nelson-Field – Effective marketing, doing more with less

Michael Schneider – Increase in media budget and a growing gap between brands in how they spend their budget.

Olivia O’Toole – Getting someone’s attention very quickly beyond the craft of storytelling.

Christoph Nann – More focus on the creative idea again.

David Naidu – UGC will be the standard bearer for credibility.

Jo Marie Farwick – Brands will tell people NOT to spend so much time in the digital world.

Sudarshan Saha – live video will be the next big opportunity.

Cyril Salagan – Personalised consumer experiences.

Carl Mesner Lyons – More jargon, more waffle and more people wasting money, unless they realise they need to start combining sensible data lead media buying with ads that tell a great story and connect with the consumer.

Simon Gosling – Increase in the use of 360 video.

Jeff Minsky advertisers will take a more holistic approach to data.