Unruly / viral review / Famous Faces & Giant Paces: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Famous Faces & Giant Paces: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week Unruly brings you the latest and greatest bits of creative from the world of advertising, and pops them in this handy list so you don’t miss a thing!

This week’s batch features a new spot for Apple‘s latest phone, a visually-stunning ad from Audi and the return of everyone’s favourite sweetcorn mascot.

Rounding out the list is a jam-packed ad from Joss Whedon, in which a whole bunch of very famous actors come together in order to get more people out to the polls ahead of the US Presidential Election. We also have the return of Dove’s world-class ‘Real Beauty’ campaign, reinvigorated for 2016.

So without further ado, enjoy!


5. Audi – The Duel


This impressive ad from Audi was aired just before the first US Presidential Debate on Monday, and focuses firmly on the idea of ‘competition’. The ad plays backwards, showing off two valets fighting for the right to park a very nice car, and has a dramatic and dreamlike quality thanks to the unnatural rhythm and timing that comes with reverse footage.


4. iPhone 7 – Balloons


This quiet and charming ad from Apple continues the brand’s big iPhone 7 ad push, and ties in with the campaign’s broader theme of ‘practically magic’. This ad makes the list because of the emotions it manages to elicit, despite having no dialogue and almost no people.


3. Green Giant – The Giant Awakens


The Green Giant is one of Adland’s most beloved characters – in fact, you probably just hummed his famous jingle. This ad is basically a trailer for the giant’s return, and it’s cool to see an icon like this revisited with a definitive 2016 feel. The ad has a blockbuster superhero vibe and an atmospheric soundtrack that has us very excited to see the jolly green fellow return.


2. Save The Day – Vote

This political awareness ad from Marvel movie architect Joss Whedon’s organisation Save The Day has a simple message, imploring people to vote. Delivered by a lot of celebrities, the mix of sincerity and light-heartedness is Whedon’s forté and works incredibly well in this context, as does the honest open delivery of its many, many stars.


1. Dove – Real Beauty Beats

Dove’s Real Beauty campaign is undeniably one of the most influential ad campaigns of the 21st Century, starting a whole new wave of femvertising. This new spot has a similar premise and delivers a powerful punch.