Unruly / viral review / Parodies & Charities: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Parodies & Charities: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

After a busy week at DMEXCO – why not unwind with the best ads from the past 7 days?

That’s right, we have gathered together the 5 most wonderful and weird ads for your viewing pleasure.

This week’s round-up features José Mourinho, Arya from Game of Thrones, Ice-T and a Tyrannosaurus Rex – what more is there to say?

Oh, enjoy!


5. Three UK – Maisie Williams shares her secret to clean coverage


Games of Thrones star Maisie Williams features in this latest silly spot from UK mobile provider Three. The video is essentially a parody of modern make-up ads, complete with dubious ‘sciencey stuff’ and random CGI visuals. It’s a surprisingly funny spot that skewers Adland clichés, while also highlighting the quirkiness that separates Three from many other brands in the market.


4. Heineken – The Prep Talk – #ChampionTheMatch

This high-profile ad from Heineken, produced by Publicis Italy, stars José Mourinho and was directed by Guy Ritchie. Taking place exclusively on the roof of Mourinho’s rather fancy penthouse as he delivers an inspirational pre-match speech, the ad has a blockbuster quality thanks to its moody lighting and dramatic backdrops.


3. Audi – The Comeback


Selling people on the idea of self-driving cars is tricky for a number of reasons. Perhaps that’s why Audi has opted for something a little different – and you can’t get much more different than a depressed T-Rex. The crux of the joke is that Tyrannosaurs have short arms, and are unable to reach everyday things, like ATMs, bed sheets – and steering wheels.


2. GEICO – The Art of the Squeeze with Ice T


It takes a certain type of brand, and a certain type of creative, to make a celebrity ad work. GEICO is certainly no stranger to risky ads, and it’s no surprise that this ‘art of the deal’ explainer video from Ice T is a resounding success. The ad is chock-full of one-liners and is bound to make you chuckle – and is accompanied by a slightly shorter, simpler spot.


1. ONE – Could you forget everything you ever learnt?

This ad from charity ONE aims to highlight the challenges and limitations of illiteracy. The ad uses hypnosis to strip its subjects of the ability to read and write in order to show just how difficult daily activities would be. It’s a powerful and poignant ad, made all the more so by its lack of staging and use of members of the public.