Unruly / viral review / Wrestling Rings & IKEA Things: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Wrestling Rings & IKEA Things: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

The Rio 2016 Olympics is well and truly over, and normality has returned to Adland – sort of. Every week Unruly brings you the latest and greatest from the world of advertising, so you can catch up on the pieces of creative you might have missed.

This week’s selection of ads features Colonel Sanders fighting a man in a giant chicken suit, the new stars of the IKEA catalogue and a moving PSA from non-profit Mythic Bridge.

We also have the latest in Nike’s continuing Unlimited campaign, which focuses on the incredible female athletes that dominated headlines and medal tables during the Olympics.

So without further ado, enjoy!


5. KFC x WWE: Sando Slam

Fried chicken and professional wrestling might not seem like a combo made in heaven, but this latest spot from KFC brings together two of America’s favourite pastimes in a surprisingly funny way. The ad shows WWE star Dolph Ziggler (yes, really) as a pretty ripped Colonel Sanders challenging a fellow chicken mascot for the title of ‘best chicken sandwich’. The spot probably won’t be a knockout for audiences uninterested in wrestling, but the showmanship and tongue-in-cheek tone make for a rather endearing ad.


4. Dove Chocolate – Each & Every Day


This spot for Dove Chocolate by BBDO New York condenses the life of its starring woman into one day, full of small moments of joy and happiness. The ad has style in spades and its editing and sound design show off the power of high production in video ads. The spot also features no voiceovers or dialogue at all, and instead is scored by Edith Piaf’s classic ‘Je ne regrette rien’.


3. IKEA – Meet the stars of the new IKEA catalogue.

IKEA has built a reputation over the past few years for creating comically self-aware spots, focusing on the idea that their catalogue is essentially a famous celebrity. This latest ad spins this concept on its head and introduces us to people excited to be photographed for the catalogue, convinced it’ll be their big break. The deadpan delivery from those involved seals the deal, and IKEA’s messaging that its furniture is the real star comes across in a unique way.


2. Mythic Bridge – Change The Script: Suicide PSA

This PSA from LGBT film-making organisation Mythic Bridge is a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by many young people across the world. The ad opens with the startling statistic that LGBT young people are 4x more likely to take their own life than their straight peers, and features a young man teetering on a rooftop after his family’s rejection. The ad puts a clever spin on the PSA format as it pulls back at the pivotal moment to show us cameras and lighting equipment, highlighting the importance of outreach programmes like Mythic Bridge for at-risk groups.


1. Nike – Unlimited Pursuit


If they gave out Olympic medals for advertising, Nike would certainly win the ‘most prolific brand’ award. The sporting giant released 17 ads across the Olympic period, and has continued to do so even after the Games has ended. This inspiring spot focuses on some of Rio 2016’s greatest female athletes, including Serena Williams, Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas and Scout Bassett, and is accompanied by another female-focused spot ‘Unlimited Fight’.