Unruly / viral review / IAB Committee Encourages Southeast Asian Marketers To Change Their Measurement Strategies

IAB Committee Encourages Southeast Asian Marketers To Change Their Measurement Strategies

APAC digital marketers need to up their measurement game. At least, that’s the message from IAB Singapore, who this week released a series of guidelines aimed at digital marketing professionals across Southeast Asia.

The world of digital video is booming, with global video ad spend expected to increase 34.6% to $17.68b in 2016 (source: eMarketer), while in SEA 40-45% of all online video is predicted to be delivered programmatically by the end of the year (source: TubeMogul).

But while ad budgets have ballooned, many campaigns in the region are still measured by the cost-per-click, and barely scratch the surface of the analytics and insights at their disposal, according to the IAB.

The problem with this approach is that it creates a discrepancy between the planned outputs of the campaign and the metrics actually being used. This is especially true in 2016, when campaign platforms and insight tools are becoming increasingly detailed.

The knock-on effect of ignoring these metrics is a lack of transparency between agencies, marketers and brands – none of whom are getting the whole picture.

In order to combat the growing gap between the potential and the practices of digital marketing in SEA, IAB Singapore’s Measurement & Standards Committee (M&S) has created a series of white papers guiding digital marketers on how to buy and assess the performance of digital advertising campaigns.

The white papers cover four areas of digital advertising and marketing that are seeing huge growth: digital video, mobile marketing, social media and content marketing.

The M&S Committee is made up of a number of tech companies operating in the region, including Unruly.

The Committee’s Digital Video guidelines include a detailed glossary that explain the variety of metrics at marketers’ disposal, as well as advice on the best forms of measurement they could be using.

These include:

  • Brand Lift A percentage increase in brand awareness, purchase intent or favourably as a result of seeing the video ad;
  • Viewability Thresholds – Where advertisers determine and agree to a minimum number of campaign impressions, delivered above a certain % viewability (as defined by the Media Rating Council);
  • vCPM – A system whereby clients only pay for impressions that pass the Viewability Threshold;
  • Online GRPA digital Gross Rating Point is a unit of measurement that represents the percentage of online viewers reached within a total targeted audience population.