Unruly / viral review / Open-Tops & Fashion Flops: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Open-Tops & Fashion Flops: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

It’s been a busy week in Adland as the biggest brands gear up for sporting success at the Rio Olympics. In fact, with so much going on, you might have missed some of the great bits of creative coming out of the brightest minds in the industry.

That’s why, every week, Unruly gathers up five of the best campaigns for your viewing pleasure. 

This week’s selection features an imaginative piece from Mercedes-Benz, Jack Whitehall doing his very best to embarrass a wonderfully deadpan Bradley Wiggins and the return of Dove.

So without further ado, enjoy!


5. Kleenex – Commitment to Care

Kleenex has a knack for producing some truly tear-jerking ads (as you would expect from a tissue brand), and is latest ad is no exception. The spot features a class of real children who are about to leave elementary school (that’s primary school for us Brits). Moving on to the next stage of their education, it asks them to describe their feelings about this massive change. The results are obvious, but undeniably touching, and the spot’s heartwarming ending will definitely have you reaching for the tissues (see what they did there?).


4. Mercedes-Benz – Amazed Again


In ‘Amazed Again’ by Mercedes-Benz we are reminded of how it feels to be a kid – impressed and amazed by everything around us. The ad uses colourful visuals to tell the story of a man and woman as they age, and cleverly suggests that we might all need to ‘look up’ a bit more – which is a lot easier to do if you’re driving a convertible.


3. Samsung – School of Rio with Bradley Wiggins

As part of Samsung’s Olympics partnership the electronics giant is producing a series of ads featuring British comedian and actor Jack Whitehall training alongside some of Team GB’s best. The spots shine by making Whitehall antagonise the always-deadpan athletes, rather than having him be just comically unfit, and this spot featuring cyclist Bradley Wiggins is certainly the best so far.


2. Stella McCartney – This Film May Contain Gluten

This comic spot from Stella McCartney is certainly a surprise, as it lampoons the designer and her well-recorded eccentricities. The genuinely funny ad is positioned as a ‘behind the scenes’ video and is a perfect send-up of pampered lifestyles and demanding divas – complete with tiny dogs and very specific dietary restrictions.


1. Dove – Dear Media: An athlete’s beauty is her say

Dove and Unilever are no strangers to female empowerment – especially after announcing their Unstereotype commitment – and this latest spot is testament to the brands’ fearlessness when it comes to tackling these issues. The short ad is part of a wider campaign aimed at media organisations that focus on female athlete’s physicality rather than their sporting performances.