Unruly / viral review / The Best Branded Vines Of June 2016: Puppy Wishes & Bedroom Fishes

The Best Branded Vines Of June 2016: Puppy Wishes & Bedroom Fishes

It’s a little known fact that the best things in life come in sixes. Eggs, volleyball teams and short-form video. Vine’s six-second time limit forces users to be creative, efficient and, most of all, inventive.

That’s what makes the platform so special and unique – and it’s what forces brands to think outside the box.

This month’s selection of branded Vines features plenty of pooches, as well as brands harnessing the seemingly unstoppable power of 90s nostalgia. We’ve got Dalmatians from Disney, animal fun from Amazon and more!



6. Disney


This Vine from Disney and Animal Planet is a perfect bit of viral content thanks to the unbeatable combination of 90s nostalgia and pets being cute.


5. Burger King


Chicken nuggets, who doesn’t love them? This clever bit of camera-trickery from Burger King certainly got us salivating, although I’m not sure what the official Rock, Paper, Scissors ruling would be…


4. Nintendo of America


Unboxing videos are a mainstay of the influencer landscape in 2016, but Nintendo still managed to catch our eye with this very brief bit of marketing.  The six-second loop stars some pretty cool NES-inspired trainers alongside Nintendo of America President, and fan-favourite, Reggie Fils-Aime.


3. Samsung Mobile


Samsung‘s Vine channel has a knack for displaying cool product features in unexpected ways, and this short clip manages to show off the Gear 360 Camera‘s timelapse and wide-angle capabilities simultaneously.


2. Amazon


Dogs are a sure-fire way to gain attention on the internet. Amazon clearly knows this, as its latest Vine shows off a very cute puppy adding treats to a wishlist, a very impressive feat for an individual with no thumbs.


1. Pixar


Finding Dory was released earlier this year, and has undoubtedly been adored by a new generation of children who now desperately want to live under the sea. In this Vine, Pixar and Target team up to show off all the ways they can transform an ordinary bedroom into an underwater dream.