Unruly / viral review / 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now: Euros 2016 Edition

5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now: Euros 2016 Edition

Today officially marks the kick-off of the 2016 UEFA European Championship – but there’s another competition going on off the pitch, as some of the world’s biggest brands battle it out to be crowned king of the Euros ads. 

We’ve rounded up the best of the bunch this week, so you can decide for yourself who should take home the trophy.

Nike leads the charge with the release of its ‘Switch’ campaign, featuring Adland’s favourite football/model Ronaldo, while Beats injected its usual flair into a player-filled spot.

Aside from the favourites, though, a number of underdogs might just snatch the title. Portuguese liquor brand Licor Beirao launched a hilarious reactive ad around an incident that hapopaned in a recent England v Portugal friendly, and, to be honest, I’m still laughing at that German child’s face in the Lufthansa spot.

So without further ado, these are the 5 Euros 2016 Ads you should watch…right now!



5. Heineken – The Cliché

In this clever spot from Heineken, three men are given the opportunity to send their significant others away while they watch the UEFA Champions League final. The advert subverts expectations in a way that points out the outdated nature of the ‘girls don’t like football’ stereotype, and the looks on the men’s faces as they realise they’ve been had is priceless.


4. Beats by Dre – Kane, Griezmann, Götze and Fabregas in B [READY]


Beats has gained a reputation in recent years for producing impactful content around major sporting events, and this year’s Euros are no different. In this energetic and stylish spot we see some of the world’s greatest players emulate the Prodigy’s classic Firestarter video, only with footballs.


3. Licor Beirao – We’re sorry, Harry Kane

Last week during a pre-Euros friendly match between England and Portugal, England striker Harry Kane took a boot to the face, and it was pretty shocking. In response Licor Beirao, a sponsor whose banner featured prominently in basically every clip and gif of the incident, released this agile piece of creative in record time. The short ad is completed by a very tongue-in-cheek voiceover, and we suspect this might be the Euros 2016 fan favourite.


2. Carlsberg – If Carlsberg did substitutions: Bulk for Beers


Carlsberg’s ‘if Carlsberg did…’ is surely the brewer’s most successful bit of branding, which explains why it doubled down in the run-up to the Euros. The ‘if Carlsberg did substitutions’ run has seen the brand put some of the country’s most well-known footballers in disguise for some light-hearted pranks. This latest spot sees England legend Stuart Pearce deliver a crate of beer to an unsurprisingly irate foreman, and some very giddy builders.


1. Nike – The Switch


Nike currently holds two of the top 10 most shared football ad spots, but can it make it a hat-trick? In its latest ad, Cristiano Ronaldo, who wins the award for footballer in the most ads ever, has a Freaky Friday-style incident and swaps bodies with a fan. The titular ‘switch’ causes him to retrain and climb the international football ladder all over again, while the fan gets to live as Ronaldo, giving Nike the opportunity to cleverly flip between high-flying achievements and relatable moments.