Meet The Makers: How Connecting And Collaborating Can Help Your Content Strategy

Taking on projects outside your brand’s comfort zone and managing creative expectations are just some of the issues faced by marketers. In our latest Meet The Makers episode, we discuss how pro-active networking and smart collaborations can ease these problems significantly.

In this episode we spoke to Jody Osborn & Tim Pinchard, from The Backscratchers. The Backscratchers, based in London, acts as a ‘fixer for the creative community’ by bringing together a wide range of clients with a host of incredibly creative people.

It works closely with brands and agencies during the briefing stage of the creative process, and then uses its network to source the most suitable ideas and talent for each project. Since its inception, The Backscratchers has worked with people and teams across the world, creating partnerships for brands such as Spotify, Microsoft & Virgin.

In our interview, The Backscratchers team discuss where the idea for the business originated, and how a love of meeting people and communications inspired them to establish a network of inspiring and creative talent.

We also discussed how marketers and agencies in 2016 are expected to wear multiple hats, highlighting the importance of bridging the knowledge gap between design, ideation and execution.