Unruly / viral review / The Best Branded Vines Of March 2016: Watering Cans & Birthday Plans

The Best Branded Vines Of March 2016: Watering Cans & Birthday Plans

We’re back! It has definitely been more than 6 seconds since our last Vine round-up, so why don’t we take a trip into the world of short-form video and see what the best and brightest brands did in March.

It can be hard to stand out and make an impression on Vine, and the time-limit forces users and brands to think creatively about how to deliver their message. In this month’s selection of Vines we see the power of personality, as brands use influencers to cut through the noise.


6. Miracle Gro


Peter Heacock is one of Vine’s most prolific branded content creators and has been working closely with gardening brand Miracle Gro for a while now. In this sweet stop-motion short, beautiful Daffodils sprout out of the soil after Miracle Gro’s signature compost is added.


5. Amazon Echo #AskAlexa


Amazon hit Vine hard this week by partnering with a number of content creators to show off their virtual assistant Alexa, a voice-activated program that runs through their Echo device. Of all the videos using Alexa, comedienne Sunny Mabrey won us over by working the product seamlessly into one of her skits.


4. Verizon


American telecom network Verizon has done a great job infiltrating Vine with its #WhyNotWednesday tags, which encourage users to visit a specific page to receive different rewards every Wednesday. This clever video from personality Hunter Harrison utilises a game on the #WNW site and creates a cool visual trick thanks to some snazzy editing.


3. Nickelodeon


It’s no secret that Vine’s audience can skew slightly younger than other platforms, which is why lots of kids’ brands have flocked to, and flourished on, the network. Nickelodeon showed its well-honed knack for cross promotion in this video, combining two things everyone loves – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and stop motion.


2. Ford


Ford might be one of the oldest car manufacturers around, but it’s certainly not last place when it comes to millennial marketing. In this Vine, Ford teams up with brand advocate and personality Rudy Manusco to deliver a little slice of comedy and some clever product placement.


1. Twitter


So it might not be Twitter’s birthday anymore, but that doesn’t mean people stopped making awesome content to celebrate! The team at Twitter Australia created this mesmerising optical illusion, and its simplicity and brevity make it the perfect birthday card for our favourite 140-character platform.