Unruly / viral review / Head Games & Brain Waves: 5 April Fool’s Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Head Games & Brain Waves: 5 April Fool’s Ads You Should Watch Right Now

The timing of this week’s round-up couldn’t be better. As well as being Friday, it’s also April 1! So we’ve brought together the best April Fool’s ads in town for your viewing pleasure.

Some things are so good because they only come around once a year. Birthdays, Christmas, and yes, April Fool’s Day. It used to mean practical jokes and playground hijinks, but as we’ve got older it’s become more and more interesting to see how brands tackle this special day.

This year’s April shower features newcomers, as well as the usual suspects. Google, for instance, is building a reputation for taking the whole thing rather seriously – or not.

So without further ado, enjoy!


5. Google – Google Cardboard Plastic

As we mentioned earlier, Google has a track record for producing a range of funny content around April 1. And his year is no different, with the tech giant releasing a number of videos and limited-time features, some of which have gone down well – and some which have not. We chose this ad from Google because of the way it so gleefully skewers the weird ‘head-set’ future we seem to be moving towards. It does this by presenting ‘Google Cardboard Plastic’, which is basically just a plastic box you strap to your face in order to experience, as they put it , ‘real reality’.


4. Pimm’s – Pimm’s Sponsor Big Ben

You have to raise your glass to Pimm’s for its April Fool’s prank, which features long-time BBC Westminster correspondent Peter Sissons. The newsreader announces to the world that due to ‘Pimms o’clock’ being a national institution, the company will now be sponsoring Big Ben. Sissons, who’s as much of an institution as Pimm’s itself, completely makes the ad thanks to his undeniable authority – which is complemented by a genuinely convincing bit of video magic that places the Pimm’s logo underneath the clock hands of Big Ben.


3. Burger King – Single Fries

Burger King tackles the biggest fast-food faux-pas in its April Fool’s ad, which sees the brand offer individually wrapped fries with its meals, so no one will ask you to share. The advert is completely ridiculous, and Burger King definitely deserves credit for both the ad’s production and the obvious effort that went into designing such a weird product. The ad is also made 100% better by the very serious, very dramatic French voiceover that explains the benefits of a ‘single fry’ system.


2. Deliveroo – TeleOrder Tech

Deliveroo is quickly making a name for itself for delivering restaurant-quality food to front doors at a reasonable price. But the company stepped up its game this April Fool’s Day with this hilarious spot that perfectly lampoons the tech / start-up scene. We especially liked the ‘we’re ahead of the curve’ moment. The ad sees them introduce a new telepathic ordering system because, as they put it, people just don’t have the time to swipe a screen.


1. Citroën Active – Citroën and Arsenal Football Club create the world’s first stadium sunroof


Arguably, the most believable April Fool’s ad in the list is this collaboration between Arsenal Football Club and car manufacturer Citroën. The video proclaims that the effectiveness of Citroen’s latest sunroof technology would make a perfect fit for Emirates Stadium, especially when you can project messages on to it. The ad is surprisingly convincing, due to admirable performances from a number of Arsenal players, and it’s fairly realistic premise.