Unruly / viral review / #TheStartupShow: Skilling Up For Success From London & NYC

#TheStartupShow: Skilling Up For Success From London & NYC

Unruly’s series #TheStartupShow was back with a bang this week as Unruly co-CEO Sarah Wood spoke to an expert panel from London and New York about how tech start-ups can skill up for success.

The show runs on live streaming app Blab, in which Unruly co-founder Sarah chats with startups, entrepreneurs and academics about some of the challenges of setting up your own business.

The first two instalments covered the ties of entrepreneurship and academia along with finding your idea and acting upon it. Click here for the first and second shows.

In this week’s show, Sarah spoke to Cristiana Camisotti, Founder of The Round NYC and Silicon Milkroundabout, Amadeus Stevenson, CTO of Decoded, Casey Taylor, Director of Community for NY Tech Meetup and Female Founders Fund, and Gel Goldsby, Software Developer and Team Lead at Unruly, about how businesses can address this skills shortage.

But don’t worry if you missed the show yesterday. You can watch it all below. Enjoy!

Their top tips for with skilling up for success include:

  1. For startups scaling overseas: having a workflow that can be passed on and managed through time differences is vital. Recording daily meetings through Trello boards is great for visibility/ accountability of tasks;
  2. When integrating new teams, communication is fundamental to achieving goal and maintaining culture as you scale. A simple OGSM (objectives, strategies, goals and measures) is great for collaboration;
  3. If you are a startup and you are using social media to grow your network and build your business: Use 1-2 channels and use them well. Identify the ones that resonate with your audiences and execute to perfection;
  4. If you are looking for your first tech hire, hire experience;
  5. If you are looking to join a startup, invest in your connections and show you are willing to take on multiple roles as the business grows.

Stay tuned here for the latest updates on our next session in the series, which will be about building an online profile.