Video Ad Tech Company Unruly Brings First Native Video SSP Offering to Videology Clients


Videology Clients in the UK Can Programmatically Access Unruly’s In-Feed Native Video Format Across Premium Publishers

LONDON – June 18, 2015 – Video ad tech company Unruly today announces it has partnered with Videology, one of the world’s leading video advertising technology platforms, to make Unruly’s exclusive In-Feed native placements available to Videology clients within the UK.

Integration with Unruly’s proprietary SSP UnrulyX™ allows Videology to provide its clients with direct access to premium publishers who are running the native video format. Videology users will now be able to access nearly half a billion monthly impressions via UnrulyX’s direct publisher relationships with hundreds of premium destinations, including Hearst UK and IDG portfolio publications.

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Video Ad Tech Company Unruly Posts Record $45.9M In Revenue After 35% YOY Growth


International expansion and new ad formats push programmatic video platform to record revenue figures and profitability; two-thirds of revenue now coming from outside UK

NEW YORK, LONDON – Wednesday, June 10 – Video ad tech company Unruly today announces revenues of $45.9M (£28.7m[i]) for FY2014-15 – an increase of 35% from the previous financial year[ii].

International expansion and the introduction of new mobile formats saw the programmatic video platform – which helps advertisers get their videos watched, tracked and shared across the Open Web – achieve positive EBITDA while smashing the $45 million revenue mark.

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Marketers Rank Click-Through Rates As Least Important Metric When Measuring Success Of Programmatic Video Campaigns, According To New Survey


New Research From Video Ad Tech Company Unruly Reveals Three-Quarters of Senior Marketers Will Shift Budgets To Programmatic Despite More Than Half Rating Programmatic Video Knowledge as ‘Average’, ‘Poor’ or ‘Very Poor’

NEW YORK, LONDON – June 4, 2015 – Click-through rates are the least important metric when measuring the success of online video campaigns, according to a new survey of senior marketers released today by video ad tech company Unruly. Instead, viewability and completed views was the highest priority among both UK and US marketers.

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Video Ad Tech Company Unruly Launches New Algorithmic Tool To Predict Virality Of French Ads

Unruly ShareRank

Unruly ShareRank can predict shareability of online ads before they’re launched

PARIS – June 2, 2015: Video ad technology company Unruly has launched a tool which can help advertisers in France predict the virality of their video ads before they are launched.

French advertisers will be able to use the predictive technology to identify the emotional, social and behavioral triggers that drive the success of their video content in France. More importantly, they will also know the earned media potential of their video ad before they have spent one euro on media.

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ABC Issues Unruly With First Certificate To Newly-Agreed Social Video Code

ABC Social Video Code

Today ABC issues video ad technology company Unruly with a certificate of their compliance with the Social Video Code.  This certificate confirms Unruly’s compliance with the Social Video Code of Conduct recently approved by JICWEBS. The new Code is an extension of the Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Good Practice Principles, which aim to deliver a higher level of brand safety to advertisers.

Social Video is defined as ‘non-interruptive, user-initiated video’ and is a rapidly growing area. This certification is available to all businesses who request ABC to verify their compliance in this area; bringing greater trust and transparency to digital advertising. Unruly is the first business to receive this certification.

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PowerLinks And Unruly Partner For Programmatic Native Video Ads

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 14.34.50

Marks First Programmatic Native Advertising Partnership for Premium In-Feed Video

NEW YORK, NY. May 7, 2015 — PowerLinks, the programmatic native advertising platform, and video ad tech company Unruly have come together to launch an industry first programmatic native advertising partnership.

The partnership will enable buyers on the PowerLinks demand-side platform (DSP) to run video campaigns across premium publishers on UnrulyX, where audiences will see native ads across all devices, served through In-Feed placements on home pages and in content streams.

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80% Of Millennials Will Watch A TV Show After Watching A Promo Shared With Them Online


But new report from video ad tech company Unruly finds TV marketers failing to engage digital natives; research also finds TV promos generate lower-than-average brand recall

NEW YORK – April 29, 2015 – Eighty percent of Millennials are likely to watch a TV show if they have watched a promo shared with them online.

That’s according to new research from video ad tech company Unruly, which found that 80% of digital natives will tune into a TV show if someone in their social network had shared a trailer, a clip or an original promo for that show. This is compared to 66% of average TV viewers.

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Video Ad Tech Company Unruly Opens New Office In Australia


Leading programmatic platform for social video advertising continues APAC expansion to help advertisers reach and engage consumers across the Open Web

April 15, 2015 – Video ad tech company Unruly today continues its rapid growth into the APAC region by opening a new office in Sydney, Australia.

Unruly, which already works with 84% of Ad Age 100 brands to help get their videos shared and viewed online, is expanding its operations Down Under to help ROI-driven marketers benefit from its unique audience data, native video ad formats and mobile video exchange UnrulyX™.

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Video Ad Tech Company Unruly Brings Emotional Targeting To Programmatic Video Advertising


Unruly launches new targeting capability which connects advertisers with viewers most likely to connect emotionally with a specific ad; with Unruly’s DMP brands and media agencies can now apply emotional intelligence to paid media for the first time

March 25, 2015 – Video ad tech company Unruly today launches a new targeting capability which helps advertisers connect with consumers most likely to emotionally engage with a specific ad.

Unruly Custom Audiences uses data from the video ad tech company’s predictive algorithm, Unruly ShareRank™ – created using 1.3 trillion tracked views and over 250,000 consumer data points – to target across paid media the consumers most likely to experience a strong emotional connection to a specific video, maximizing brand recall, earned media and purchase intent.

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Video Ad Tech Company Unruly Expands Into Middle-East Region


Leading programmatic platform for social video advertising partners with Dubai-based Future Tech Media to help advertisers reach and engage consumers across the Open Web

February 17th, 2015 – Video ad tech company Unruly is continuing its rapid global growth with expansion into the Middle East. The leading programmatic platform for social video advertising has partnered with Dubai-based Future Tech Media to give advertisers across the region access to Unruly’s industry-leading video solutions.

Future Tech Media will become the official reseller across KSA and UAE for Unruly’s product set, helping ROI-driven marketers benefit from Unruly’s data-driven expertise, native video ad formats and mobile video SSP UnrulyX™.

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