Unlock the Power of CTV with
VIDAA & Tremor International


VIDAA International is a technology and innovation company whose main product is the VIDAA Smart TV OS and Content Platform. VIDAA International was founded by the Hisense Group and other investors in March of 2019 with the objective of building a market leading Smart TV OS and Content Platform that placed the consumer at the center of the experience.

Learn more about VIDAA here and Hisense here.

About our Partnership

Our partnership with VIDAA International spans across Tremor International’s end-to-end platform and includes exclusive access to ACR data, the selection of Unruly as its SSP, enabling global access to all of their video and native display media, and the integration into our ad server Spearad.

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Key Benefits for Advertisers Include:

  • Exclusive access to VIDAA ACR data integrated into Tremor’s TV Intelligence (TVI) solution comprised of 44MM US households, which will be expanded to select global markets with data sourced from a variety of smart TV devices including Hisense, Toshiba and other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Centralized Tremor International DMP enables the access and activation of this ACR data via Tremor Video or Amobee DSP, as well as programmatically via our PMPs with the option to use the DSP of your choice
  • ACR data can be activated by our extensive supply partner footprint to enable more targeted inventory for advertisers
  • Proprietary measurement capabilities for TV Intelligence campaigns
  • Curated inventory + data packages within Tremor Video’s TV Marketplace enhanced discoverability