The Growth of CTV

44.5 million people are watching video via their CTV device in the UK, and that number will only continue to grow.

The growth of CTV viewership was undoubtedly accelerated during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, but growth continues even after the world opened up again. In fact, in the UK, 66% of the population are already accessing content via CTV.

During the ‘year of the mobile’ video consumption on the small screen grew exponentially and continues to do so, however the big screen is still the preferred device for video content consumption with 44.5 million people watching video via their CTV device in the UK.

However this growth has led to a number of challenges for marketers who wish to leverage this consumer attention. Perhaps the biggest challenge is how to reach this large audience when they are fragmented across so many different channels. It is problematic to try and plan, buy, and measure a campaign using one standardised set of metrics, which is why we are seeing more broadcasters and advertisers converge around SSP’s. 

For example, Unruly offer premium CTV inventory that reaches 20 million UK households, which allows brands to plan, buy and measure campaigns across many different broadcasters with one set of campaign metrics.

As Free Ad Supported Television (FAST) opportunities continue to grow, Unruly will continue to partner with more and more premium broadcasters in order to deliver that service to our advertising clients. This growth is already well under way as the number of CTV broadcasters we signed has grown 144% year on year.

It’s clear that CTV is already a mainstream advertising channel, with lots of exciting growth opportunity just around the corner!