Unruly’s brand, agency and publisher partners are protected by Unruly Shield, the suite of technologies and the set of practices that are provided to all advertisers who run campaigns with Unruly.  It combines in-house technology, third-party integrations, industry certification and daily quality assurance – all coordinated by our Digital Brand Safety team – to protect the ads we place on the open web and open exchanges.


The 5 Flanks of Unruly Shield

1. First-Party Ad Safety Technology

Software built by our award-winning engineering team is the first wall of defence:

  • Transparent 1×1 pixels on our video players track multiple hits from a single IP address to determine whether they are human or non-human;
  • Digital fingerprinting helps identify fraudulent or botnet traffic;
  • Heat mapping identifies patterns of non-human click behaviour on our video players, removing any invalid click traffic from our campaigns;
  • Real-Time Placement Blocking allows real-time, instantaneous blocking of any sites in breach of our network policies.

2. Third-Party Ad Safety Technology

We also integrate and partner with best in class third-party tech providers to help minimize risks of ad misplacement and traffic fraud. These include:

  • Integral Ad Science – A long-standing partnership, IAS monitors the Unruly publisher network for fraudulent traffic;
  • MOAT – MRC accredited for video viewability, MOAT provides viewability measurement for all Unruly Ad Formats so we can maintain high levels of ad effectiveness and accountability;
  • Brightcloud  A URL classification service that alerts us if we have served impressions on websites containing inappropriate content.

3. Industry Certification

We adhere to and have helped to shape many industry initiatives, and we seek independent audit and certification wherever possible, to ensure our processes are best-in-class and protect the brands we work with:

  • DTSG UK Good Practice Principles: Hold signatory status on the JICWEBS adopted Good Practice Principles drafted by the Digital Trading Standards Group. Read our annual verification report here;
  • TAG – Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG): We are Tier 1 independently-certified against and compliant with the IQG Guidelines, and are one of only 6 companies worldwide to achieve this status;
  • Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA): Unruly is a participant in the DAA’s cross-industry Self-Regulatory program for Online Behavioural Advertising;
  • Google Transparency – We won’t ask you to run editorial content without full disclosure;
  • Seats on several IAB Councils & Working Groups – We work closely with the IAB to define best practice across online video advertising;
  • WOMMA – We adhere to the letter and the spirit of the WOMMA Code;
  • Facebook whitelisted – We won’t ask you to break the TOS of Social Platforms;
  • Regulatory changes: We provide Unruly publishers with up-to-date information on industry standards, codes of conduct and regulatory changes so that they know how to implement our placements correctly.

4. A Dedicated Team

We don’t leave your safety to machines alone; to ensure that best practices are rigorously applied, we have a dedicated in-house Brand Safety team to conduct daily checks and make sure your campaigns are in safe hands. You can reach our Global Ops Director or the Unruly Shield team at any time if brand safety is your bag. We geek out on this stuff!

  • Collaborate with our Publisher Activation team to ensure all potential publishers sign rigorous Terms of Service, manually vetting each new site before it is accepted to our network;
  • Monitor all third-party reports for instances of ad misplacement and traffic fraud;
  • Monitor upwards of 4 million views a day for compliance to Unruly’s Network Policies;
  • Blacklist IPs and immediately block publishers/pull any live placements as necessary.
  • You can read Unruly’s Brand Safety Protocols here.

5. People who View our Ads

  • Crowdsourcing is our secret weapon when it comes to ensuring brand safety. We want to make sure consumers are empowered to help as well;
  • User feedback buttons on our video players enable users to flag problems with ad units or placements.