News You Can Use: Mobile Video Consumption Is Exploding Across South-East Asia

Each and every week Unruly hunts for the biggest headlines in advertising and marketing, bringing them all together in this handy list so you can stay up to date with what’s happening across the industry.

In this week’s round-up we find out why the number of people watching videos on their smartphones in South-East Asia is exploding, how Unilever is taking on the duopoly and also wonder whether Nike has already created the best ad of the year – in February.

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Cannes Countdown: 5 Beach Sessions You Can’t Miss At #CannesLions

So we’ve run you through the best formal panels, speaker sessions and debates (for publishers and advertisers alike) at Cannes Lions 2016 – but what about the rest of the festival?

Every year media brands, tech giants, and curious start-ups set up camp on the beaches of Cannes to give us a slice of something different, and this year we’ve picked out some highlights, so you can make the most of your time.

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Brands Share The Love As The World Celebrates Pride

It’s a testament to the incredible gains made in recent years that LGBT Pride in 2015 was more visible than it has ever been. This profile is obviously partly due to the famous parades and festivals, which hundreds of thousands attended this weekend in cities across the world, but this year a more widespread campaign of visibility has brought Pride even further into the mainstream. While Pride remains a commemoration of community struggle and achievement, 2015 was also a banner year for brands showing their support.

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YouTube Announces Its Ad Of The Decade – And You Will Be Surprised By The Winner

What is your favourite online video ad? VW’s “The Force“? Volvo’s “Epic Split”? Dumb Ways to Die? Well, to mark its 10th anniversary, YouTube recently polled its users to identify their favourite ad of the decade – and the result is a little surprising.

The online video platform announced the top 5 earlier today and at the top of the pile is Turkish Airlines’ “Kobe v Messi: The Selfie Shootout”. The ad, starring arguably the two biggest sports stars on the planet, ran away the public vote, despite attracting fewer shares by some way than the rest of ads in the top 5 (it managed a share rate of less than 0.5%). In fact, it does not even make it into the top 100 most shared ads of all time.

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