New Renault Ad Brings The West End To The Car Dealership

‘The Sound of Music’ had the Swiss Alps, ‘West Side Story’ had Manhattan and now Renault’s stab at musical whimsy has its own exotic locale. That’s right, it’s a car dealership but don’t be fooled. Turns out there’s more to an automobile purchase than monthly installments and giveaway air fresheners.

Returning to the raucous cabaret atmosphere the brand created in previous spots, ‘#TwingoFlamingo’ (we’ll get to the title) conjures a technicolour Broadway fantasia within the world of low APR loans. We see our glamorous lead, a sort-of cross between Snow White and a ‘Mad Men’ character, sweeping into the dealership, instantly stealing the heart of nearby car salesmen. Unfortunately for them, her affections have already been won by a charming fellow with four wheels and a retractable roof.