Rodent Feasts & Scary Beasts: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

It’s Halloween weekend! But before you get all dressed-up, why not check out the best ads from the past seven days?

We’ve got a great batch this week, with some of the biggest brands in the world releasing new spots – guaranteed to be treats, not tricks.


Taking on projects outside your brand’s comfort zone and managing creative expectations are just some of the issues faced by marketers. In our latest Meet The Makers episode, we discuss how pro-active networking and smart collaborations can ease these problems significantly.


Brands are increasingly recognizing the influence of short-form video as a way to attract and engage an audience online. If you were wondering which advertisers are coming out on top in the attention battle for bite-sized consumer attention, we’ve got you covered. 

With just 6-seconds to impress, creativity is key and we’ve rounded up this week’s 6 best branded Vines to share a little inspiration.

This week we have Doritos magic and Robe Lowe taking a cheeky dig at hipsters.