Brands Ignoring Short Form Video Will Have To Spend Big Playing Catch Up In 2015

No longer can brands brush these new age video platforms under the digital rug. As time passes, competition is rising fast and brands across the globe are missing their opportunity to engage their ever-growing mobile video audiences.

As the digital marketing battleground increasingly goes mobile, the micro video platforms have been leading the march for consumer attention. In the past 18 months we’ve seen a huge shift in the online video world. The global adoption of the smartphone has led to mobile-first consumption habits and new-found domination of mobile video apps like Vine and Snapchat. No longer is YouTube the go-to online destination for video-goers. These two short form heavyweights have impacted the video landscape for good.

If you thought you could sit back and have your video re-purposed for mobile, then it’s time to wake up. Times have changed! Native, platform-specific content must be complementary to users’ feeds, not intrusive.