New Research Raises Questions Around Online Video Viewability Standards

Does the ad industry need to look again at its online viewability standards?

Renowned Australian academic Professor Karen Nelson-Field certainly thinks so. Long-time Unruly collaborator Prof Nelson-Field today published fresh research questioning whether the minimum threshold of what counts as a ‘chargeable view’ – 50% of the video being visible for two continuous seconds – is enough.


Released by Centre for Amplified Intelligence on September 14, 2017

With the advertising industry up in arms yet again around the minimum online viewability standard, renowned Australian media academic, Professor Karen Nelson-Field, University of Adelaide and her colleague, Dr Erica Riebe, have made some global waves with their latest research that challenges the status quo.


Viewability, ad fraud, brand safety and some delicious cupcakes were on the menu at the Town Hall organised by the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS) this week.

Unruly’s brand safety team, Unruly Shield, was in attendance at the event at the IAB hosted by JICWEBS – the body created to support best practice for online ad trading – to mingle and discuss the biggest issues affecting Adland.

But for those who could not make it, do not worry. We have compiled some of the key takeaways discussed.



Making sense of programmatic language can be tough. Especially when we’re faced with jargon, multiple words meaning the same thing, or varying definitions for a single word.

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It’s no surprise that video spend is continuously rising. According to eMarketer, growth in video ad spending is at 28.5% year on year. Meanwhile, programmatic ad spending is leaping upwards and has more than doubled since 2014.

As a result of this growth, trading desks have a crucial (and busy) part to play in the success or failure of video campaigns. Thankfully, they are often presented with a campaign-ready creative and KPIs to hit, most likely around viewability and VTRs. It means programmatic buyers often do a fantastic job of delivering the right volumes on the client’s favorite sites and balancing the KPIs.