How World Cup Non-Sponsors Can Make Most Of Social Video Strategy (Part 1)

The next World Cup in Brazil may be months away, but brands, agencies (and probably some footballers too) are already gearing up for the prime marketing opportunity of the year.

Brands internationally are already spending $1.6 billion (source: IEG) on sponsorship fees for next year’s World Cup, more than double than what was spent on the 2012 Olympics. But the good news is you don’t have to fork out on huge sponsorship fees to be a big hit. Unlike the tournament itself, you don’t have to be in it to win it!

You only need to look at the 2010 World Cup to see what we mean. Despite arch-rival adidas being a sponsor, Nike gatecrashed the party with its epic “Write The Future” ad campaign. It was not only the biggest ad of the tournament, but also the biggest ad of the year.


The global platform for social video marketing identifies key emotional triggers for creating contagious content in ‘social media capital of world’ in run-up to World Cup.

NEW YORK, RIO, LONDON 26 September, 2013 — Video technology company Unruly has launched a new tool to help advertisers predict how many shares their videos are likely to attract within Brazil, before they are launched.

First launched in January 2013, Unruly ShareRank™ has been used by global brands to predict the viral potential of their video content repeatedly and at scale. In the run-up to next year’s World Cup, the leading global platform for social video marketing has now launched a new version trained specifically for Brazilian audiences.


Brands should also launch video campaigns on a Wednesday to maximize sharing, suggests new “Science of Sharing” research paper.

If advertisers want their campaigns to go viral they need to stop trying to be funny, according to new research launched today by global video technology company Unruly.

The Science of Sharing white paper, which gives brands and agencies actionable insights on how they can maximize their online video campaigns, found the two most popular ads from this year’s Super Bowl attracted the most shares on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere because they did not try to make people laugh.

The report also found that Wednesday was the optimum day to release a new campaign across the social web based on average daily share rates.


Unruly is today celebrating double award success. Last night we scooped International Impact Management Team of the Year at the BVCA Awards.

CEO Scott Button and members of Unruly’s management team picked up the prestigious accolade at the London Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square, London, yesterday.

As the global platform for social video marketing, we beat off stiff competition from across the South-East to win the regional title and were also named the winner of the national awards, making us the UK’s leading company for international impact.


As the advertising world counts down the days till Super Sunday, Dr Karen Nelson-Field reveals what buttons advertisers needs to push to get their content remembered.

Writes Dr Karen Nelson-Field, of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute of Marketing Science

While advertisers strive to be seen, it’s equally as important to be remembered. Why? Because advertising works by refreshing and building memory cues that are linked to the brand. It is widely accepted that a social video ad must be remembered to make an impact in a purchase situation.

There are two critical elements to being remembered: being well branded and getting noticed. Being well branded is about making it easier for customers to recognise that is you that is advertising, not your competitors.