Brands Don’t Have To Be Funny To Make A Big Impact On Vine, Says Yves Das

In the latest part of the Unruly Vine series, we caught up with the increasingly popular Yves Das. He’s rapidly becoming a popular content creator as brands strive to get cut-through on one of the hottest video platforms on the planet.

On a recent visit to London for a creative partnership with Social Media Week and Microsoft, we took some time out of his busy creative day to find out what it is about Vine that it made him throw in the agency towel and start his very own Vine consultancy, Looping Tales.

Yves is somewhat of a stop-motion sensation. His all-natural, authentic style is extremely eye-catching and he’s not alone. Many of the most popular Viners use stop-motion to stand out from the crowd and it’s easy to see why this style of content is so popular. However, there’s normally something that makes each content creator unique. #

Ian Padgham, for example, has a Vine companion in Woodman, while Pinot’s work always begins life as a 2D sketch.  Yves is no exception here.  In lots of his Vine work you’ll find Guido, his tiny, orange, Vespa-riding friend. It’s probably safe to say his huge stunts make him the most famous Vespa rider on Vine.