Viral Review: Justin Timberlake Steals The Limelight With Bizarre Ad For Tequila

Sauza 901: No Limes Needed

Rating: 7/10

Whoever said there isn’t room for the ultra-weird in advertising clearly isn’t looking hard enough. While the mainstream of advertising remains cozy, life-affirming and ultimately safe, there’s still space on the social web for whacked-out creatives to fly their freak flag.

Old Spice famously revived their public image with a wildly popular, long-running franchise of ads which basically drop-kicked rationality out the window and embracing the surreal. And we mean, really surreal. Meanwhile, the viral success of the Commercial Kings (a.k.a. Rhett & Link) shows that an absurd touch can help even the tiniest of brands. And God help you if a co-worker sends you Khanna/Reidinga’s spoof ‘Energy Noodles’.