Unruly Announced As First Commercial Partner For MediaCom’s Cultural Connections Research Data

  • Deal helps Unruly clients maximise the cultural appeal and impact of video distribution across 52 markets worldwide
  • Unique research quantifies cultural impact on success of video ad content for the first time; Unruly to launch first cultural targeting capability

London – October 10, 2017 – MediaCom has partnered with video ad tech company Unruly to provide the News Corp-owned company with unprecedented insights into differing cultural preferences of consumers around the world.


John Lewis’ #BusterTheBoxer continues to hold the top spot of the most shared Christmas ads of 2016, with nearly 2 million shares to date.

And, as the Christmas season is the busiest shopping time of the year, brands all over the world are no doubt looking for tips on how to take home the number 1 spot for themselves.

In addition to creating an ad that elicits an intense emotional response from your viewers, it’s important to target the viewers most likely to love your ad.


You’ve spent months concepting, iterating, testing and now you have created your Super Bowl spot. With $5 million ready to fork out to CBS, you are all set to put your :30 second spot up on YouTube and watch the success roll in, right?

Not exactly. Even though the Super Bowl, is well, the Super Bowl of advertising, it still doesn’t work like that. We’ve seen missteps from advertisers in their launch strategy year after year when we study the ads after the game. It means that ads that could have been the talk of the Super Bowl are barely noticed at all.