#CannesYouFeelIt – What Brands Should Sound Like & The Benefits Of Ad Blocking

When it comes to using music in their marketing, brands are hitting all the wrong notes. That was the message put forward by panel members at the ‘101 Great Minds: Exploring the Power of Music in Branding’ session at Cannes Lions earlier today. 

Panel host and president of audio agency iV2Uli Reese, revealed 80% of Fortune 500 companies are arbitrary in their music choices, arguing there was an ‘implementation gap’ in advertising, where music is treated as an afterthought rather than an integral piece of branding.


For the advertising world, February is a month like no other. As NFL fans around the world spend January anticipating the pageantry of the Super Bowl, brands and creative agencies busy themselves working on their masterpieces. After all, winning the Super Bowl isn’t simply for football players.


Budweiser’s three-year dominance ends as shares of top 10 down by more than a third.

Doritos “Ultrasound’ is the most shared ad of Super Bowl 2016, according to data supplied today by video ad tech company Unruly.

The ad, which features a pregnant woman getting an ultrasound while her husband munches on a bag of Doritos, attracted a total of 893,465 shares, putting it way ahead of the extended version of T-Mobile’s “Restricted Bling”, in second spot (346,854 shares).  


The Super Bowl is this Sunday, but you don’t need to care about American football to feel the event’s shockwave already. Rivalled only by the Olympics and the World Cup, the Super Bowl is perhaps advertising’s biggest day of the year, with brands, creative agencies and celebrities fighting tooth and nail to have the most talked-about spot of the game.

While the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots face off on the field this weekend, an equally tense battle has already started behind the keyboards of some of the world’s biggest brands.

The rise of social media advertising has irreversibly changed the face of Super Bowl advertising, producing hype and speculation days and weeks before the event. While the measure of a brand’s Super Bowl success was once the water cooler conversation on Monday morning, share rates and hashtags have made brand competition even more prominent.

When ads like last year’s ‘Puppy Love’ from Budweiser reached over 2 million all-time shares, it’s easy to see what the fuss is all about. With debuts, teasers and headlines dropping all week, Unruly is here to pick apart the best Super Bowl XLIX has to offer.