Toyota “Good Odds” Tops Unruly’s 2018 Super Bowl Effectiveness Chart

Toyota “Good Odds” is the most effective ad from this year’s Super Bowl, according to new data released from Unruly.

The auto company’s Big Game ad tops the Super Bowl 2018 Edition of Unruly’s Ad Effectiveness Chart, which ranks ads based on their EQ scores – a combined metric that scores ads on their likely emotional, social and business impact.


From the Eagles’ surprise victory to a stadium-wide blackout, Super Bowl LII was three hours of pure drama – and there were some pretty good ads thrown in too.

Despite the rising cost of a prime slot, plenty of brands continue to line up for a chance to reach the 100m+ people that tune in each year.


The Super Bowl may be over, but there’s still plenty to learn from 2017’s Big Game if advertisers want to score a touchdown next year.

This year’s batch of Super Bowl ads caused quite a stir, thanks to some openly political campaigns, and some very impressive stunts. In fact, Hyundai’s spot was such a success that it topped our Super Bowl Effectiveness Chart – attaining an EQ score of 6.1 and causing a strong emotional response in 62% of viewers. (more…)

Yesterday, we highlighted some of the Super Bowl trends we’ve seen so far ahead of Sunday’s big game. 

Today we explore a few more and dig into our predictions and what we’re hoping advertisers achieve at this year’s game. Let us know if you agree!


Super Bowl 51 is upon us! This Sunday the Patriots and the Falcons will duke it out for that ever-precious title – but while the day itself is predicted to be uneventful, you can bet advertisers and brands will be out in force.

In order to get us in the mood for the big game, we decided to test our knowledge of Super Bowl trivia – with a classic Unruly twist.


We’re less than two weeks away from the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons going head to head, but the advertising industry is anticipating a different game.

In 2016, Unruly’s Science of Sharing: Super Bowl 50 whitepaper showed us that shares fell 17%. However, that doesn’t mean some ads didn’t stand out from the crowd. Mountain Dew’s #Puppymonkeybaby was one of the most polarizing, and Budweiser’s #NotBackingDown was one of the most anticipated – after years of taking home that most shared ad of the Big Game. (more…)

Super Bowl 50 has been called “Super Bowl Light”: light in shares and light in substance.

Unruly’s recent Science of Sharing: Super Bowl 50 study shows that shares fell 17% from 2015, primarily because the ads did not evoke intense emotional responses in viewers, which is the key driver of sharing.


The Super Bowl is the most anticipated sporting event of the year…. unless it’s an Olympics year.  But what are the Big Game do’s and don’ts that Olympics advertisers can apply to make the most of their summer campaigns?

Well since the Olympics ads have beaten the Super Bowl videos hands down – we’ll share 3 tips Super Bowl brands can apply in 2017 too!


The most anticipated event of AdLand has come and gone.  Aside from a few standout ads, Super Bowl 50 was advertising “light.”

Sharing of the top 10 ads was down 36% compared to last year. The Super Bowl was low-scoring on the field, and the creative standard was generally low-scoring as well.


Budweiser’s three-year dominance ends as shares of top 10 down by more than a third.

Doritos “Ultrasound’ is the most shared ad of Super Bowl 2016, according to data supplied today by video ad tech company Unruly.

The ad, which features a pregnant woman getting an ultrasound while her husband munches on a bag of Doritos, attracted a total of 893,465 shares, putting it way ahead of the extended version of T-Mobile’s “Restricted Bling”, in second spot (346,854 shares).