Robert Dyas Releases 2015’s Most Baffling Christmas Ad

As we inch ever closer to Christmas Day, it seemed for a moment that the snow may have settled on this year’s seasonal advertising dust-up. However, Robert Dyas’ new festive spot just dropped, proving that it’s never too late to be the centre of attention. Though not necessarily for the right reasons.


The word YouTube may have become synonymous with online video, but in reality only 1 in every 4 video views now take place in the YouTube player (source: comScore).

With the emergence of Facebook as a serious rival in the video market this year and the continuing fragmentation of video viewership across platforms and apps as diverse as Tumblr, Snapchat and Keek, that figure is set to further diminish in 2015.

In fact, almost two-thirds of video views are occurring beyond the walled gardens of either Facebook or YouTube; instead they’re taking place on the Open Web. As larger ad budgets move across to programmatic video – the fastest growing category of programmatic ad spend, according to eMarketer – brands are learning how to leverage programmatic tools and data to access the Open Web at speed and scale in order to maximize social sharing on launch and effectively engage their target audience with video content they actually want to watch and share on social.

Oliver Smith, EMEA MD of Unruly, gives his top tips on powering up with programmatic.