Speed Of Social Video Sharing Almost Doubles In 12 Months

42% of video shares now happen in the first 3 days of launch; Unruly launches in-stream format to help advertisers cope with increase in pace.

The percentage of shares a brand video attracts online in its first three days of launch has almost doubled in 12 months.

That’s according to new research by marketing technology company Unruly into the lifecycle of a viral video. Unruly’s Social Diffusion Curve, which measures the speed of social diffusion for the top 4,000 videos across the social web, was first launched in April last year and found that a quarter of the average online branded video’s shares occur in the first three days of its launch.

A year later, that percentage has almost doubled to 42%, making the first few days even more crucial for marketers hoping to make their ads the talk of the web. The average percentage of shares on the day following launch, when the most shares usually happen, has also almost doubled from 10% to 18% over the last 12 months, while shares in the first week have also risen from 37% to 65%.


With Super Sunday TV audiences now surpassing 100 million and the cost of a single 30-second, in-game spot skyrocketing to more than $4 million, the term “winning the Super Bowl” has taken on a whole new meaning.

The trophy may be pride and place on the Baltimore Ravens mantelpiece, but with the stakes so high for some of the world’s biggest brands, the real winners of the Super Bowl are the ones in slick suits and skinny ties rather than pads and helmets.

But which brand ‘won’ Super Bowl 2013? Well, while the passive viewing figures of the Super Bowl on network TV look impressive at first glance, the real meat of the campaign response happens online, where conversations and social sharing turn the spark of popularity into an online phenomenon.