Unruly Launches Algorithmic Tool To Predict Shareability Of Video Ads In South-East Asia

Inspiration and exhilaration key to engaging audiences in South-East Asia, say global leaders in social video marketing.

SINGAPORE, LONDON — Advertisers in South-East Asia for the first-time ever will be able to predict the virality of their video ads before they are launched, thanks to a new tool launched today by marketing technology company Unruly.

The global leaders in social video marketing first launched Unruly ShareRank™ in January 2013 to help marketers in the U.S. and UK predict the ‘shareability’ of their video content. Versions aimed at Brazilian and German markets have since been released. Unruly has now trained the algorithm specifically for countries across South-East Asia, so it can predict consumers’ emotional responses to branded video content throughout the region.

ASEAN advertisers using the predictive technology will be able to identify the psychological, social and creative triggers that drive the success of their video content in various territories across the region. More importantly, they will also know the earned media potential of their video ad before they have spent a penny on media.