Post-Human Advertising: Does AI Spell The End Of Media And Marketing As We Know It?

This article was first published on The Drum.

Technology cycles like this: magic, mainstream, mundane. Artificial Intelligence is firmly in its mainstream moment and is becoming so embedded in the everyday that we risk not noticing it at all.

Self-driving cars, humanoid robots and Go grand masters may grab the popular imagination, but it’s the way that AI is seeping into everything from voice recognition to fast food delivery that better illustrates its quiet ubiquity. Alexa and Siri don’t just seem to be getting smarter, they are getting smarter, day by day, along with most other connected devices.


We are very excited to announce that Unruly co-CEOs Sarah Wood and Scott Button have been awarded OBEs.

The co-founders of the video ad tech company were today named in the Queen’s 90th Birthday 2016 Honours List for their services to innovation and technology.


Unruly co-CEOs Scott Button and Sarah Wood are among the 10 coolest people in the UK tech industry. But don’t just take our word for it – that’s according to Business Insider.

The popular business, entertainment and technology news website sorted through the UK’s leading tech figures. And Unruly’s co-CEOs were ranked 10th on a list which includes Tech City’s Gerard Grech, serial entrepreneur Sherry Coutu, Sir Martin Sorrell, Baroness Joanna Shields and Eileen Burbidge.


This month marks 10 years since Scott, Matt and myself started up Unruly.

From distributing our first campaign “Krumping – Matrix Style!” out of a leaky office in the Truman Brewery, in Shoreditch, (where it was *just about* possible to upload a video on the single ADSL line without crashing the system) to becoming a high-profile scale-up and part of the News family in 2015, the Unruly journey over the past decade has been incredible, exhilarating and beyond our wildest dreams.