5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now – Back To School Edition

The summer is officially coming to an end, which means one thing – Back To School shopping. So, in place of our normal 5 ads to watch column, we’ve rounded some of the best and most shared Back To School ads.

The Back To School shopping season, which eMarketer defines as July and August, is expected to be worth north of $800bn in the US alone in 2016. So it’s no wonder brands are on the hunt for the perfect, shareable ad.


This article originally appeared in Campaign magazine.

Save The Children: Still The Most Shocking Second A Day Video

Agency: Don’t Panic

Rating: 9/10

Often it takes a charitable venture or a humanitarian cause to highlight the impact effective social video marketing can really have. While brands may jostle to boost their profile, deliver ROI or ‘win the week’, the importance of attracting an online audience is underlined when the outcome of that campaign might be increased awareness, increased donations and, ultimately, saving lives.


Every week we trawl the web for the latest and greatest video campaigns and then present them to you in this tidy list. So settle in, and enjoy our eclectic mix of weird and wonderful ads!

In this week’s round-up we’ve got a moving follow-up to Save The Children’s 2014 campaign and the latest video from Women’s health brand Hello Flo. Our selection of ads also features big cats, a talking pancake and Idris Elba – suffice to say it’s been an interesting week in the world of advertising.


Save The Children has launched a follow-up to its highly-successful and hard-hitting “Most Shocking Second A Day” video campaign.

“Still The Most Shocking Second A Day”, created by Don’t Panic, continues the story from the original 2014 video, following Lily, an 11-year-old girl forced to leave the UK after war breaks out on the streets of London.