Tennis Pros & Rowing Woes: 5 Rio Olympics Ads You Should Watch Right Now

The Rio Olympics are officially about to begin! As we approach the opening ceremony of the world’s greatest sporting event, we thought we’d run you through a list of five of the best Olympics ads out there.

And, with some Olympics campaigns already looking ready to take home the gold, we thought we’d focus on a few of the ads you might not have seen.


The Rio Olympics are so close now we can almost smell the Deep Heat. So, while the world’s biggest brands and advertisers get ready to battle it out, we thought we’d identify some of the key creative ad trends we have already noticed ahead of next Friday’s Opening Ceremony.

Certainly, looking through this year’s crop of ads, it’s already clear that advertisers aiming for gold  in 2016 are dialling up the emotional intensity of their content. We’ve already seen plenty of stark imagery, pounding soundtracks, and emotive speeches – all things that get people talking about and sharing ads.


This week brands looked ahead to the Summer Olympics, with Wednesday marking just 100 days to Rio 2016 – and we’ve got the ads to prove it.

This week’s round-up features a heavy dose of Olympic spirit, alongside the usual Adland oddities!