Christmas Fables & Festive Stables: 5 Ads You Should Watch Right Now

It’s officially winter – the nights are getting longer and the days are closing in. Luckily Unruly is here with the best 5 ads from the past 7 days, so you have something to watch while tucking into mince pies and mulled wine. 

This week’s stocking is stuffed with festive ads from Honda, Cadbury’s and Walmart – all featuring more tinsel and baubles than you can shake a candy cane at.


It’s only 30 days till Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity kicks off. Yay!

That’s right, the ad industry’s moment in the sun is almost upon us, where the glitterati of AdLand will drink their bodyweight in rosé, wear slightly ill-fitting clothes and celebrate all things creative by attending a host of parties on luxurious super yachts and sun-drenched rooftop seminars in the south of France.


It’s been a fantastic year for advertising. Over the last 12 months we have seen some incredible work from a wide range of brands and agencies.

We’ve seen records tumble, with this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads delivering the most online shares in its history. Android’s super-cute “Friends Furever” also became the most shared ad of all time.


This article originally appeared in Contagious.

There’s nothing like an unseasonably warm British summer to make every activity feel like exercise. Waiting for the bus? If the sun’s shining, it’s probably exercise. Staff meeting? If you’re sitting outside, it’s probably exercise. Drinking frosty ciders in the park while considering playing Ultimate Frisbee? Definitely exercise. (more…)

An ad for Disney Parks is the most shared ad of the year so far. “Disney Characters Surprise Shoppers”, an ad campaign in which unsuspecting mall shoppers are pranked by Disney characters, so far leads the race to be the most shared ad of the year after amassing more than 3.7 million shares since it was launched in February. It’s also the 9th most shared ad of all time.


Trends in online advertising aren’t always immediately obvious. Some months, brands will be favouring big budget celebrity endorsement, and others cheap-and-cheerful ‘prankverts’ will be in vogue. One week, humorous spots are the way to go and the next high drama is the only option.

However, the current trend taking online video sharing by storm couldn’t be less subtle if it tried. I’ll give you a clue: it’s fluffy, four-legged and so excited to see you.


A man gets the best sleep of his life and another finds his soulmate in a puppy. That’s right, it’s just another week in AdLand!

After a week watching the best (and worst) video advertisements on the net, we’ve picked the five essential ones to watch so you can spend the rest of your time enjoying the weekend.