Norm Johnston appears on AdExchanger Talks podcast

In AdExchanger’s latest podcast, Unruly Media CEO Norm Johnston talks about the evolution of video ads – how they’re bought, how they’re sold and who gets to sell them.

“Nothing against Facebook or Google, but most people would agree they shouldn’t be upwards of 70% of the total industry and 90% of the growth in digital”

Norm talks about how Unruly aims to provide high-quality audiences outside the high-gravity orbits of Google and Facebook.

“Nothing against Facebook or Google, but most people would agree they shouldn’t be upwards of 70% of the total industry and 90% of the growth in digital,” Johnston says. “Most advertisers and agencies are looking to diversify their portfolios.”

The conversation also turned to what UnrulyEQ can do for advertisers. “A lot of advertisers have these wonderful creative agencies that like to win awards and produce beautiful four-minute videos to do that,” Johnston says. “But it doesn’t quite work in programmatic environments and online where you have shorter attention spans … We will find parts of videos that resonate the most strongly. You can cut it up by segment, to target different individuals with different parts of a video that resonate with those groups. If advertisers have a predefined segmentation model with first-party data, it complements that.”

Listen to the podcast:

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Last month I was invited along to the ExchangeWire studios to take part in their latest MadTech Podcast as the weeks special guest.

I joined ExchangeWire’s CEO, Ciaran O’Kane, and COO, Rachel Smith to chat about Unruly, programmatic, and the latest trends and news stories from the world of advertising.

During the podcast you can hear us chat and debate about the following topics;

  • Now that Brian O’Kelley is moving on, what does he do next?
  • What can be done to save Johnston Press? And what can ad tech do to help journalism?
  • Has OTT hit a saturation point, and does ad-funded content still have a future?
  • The Unruly solution for buyers and sellers.
  • The shift from IO to programmatic guaranteed, and what that means for the market.
  • The future of independent ad tech, and the differentiation required to survive.

Listen to the podcast:

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2016 was an undeniably historic year, and Adland didn’t go unaffected. Brands listened and reacted alongside their audiences to global events from Brexit, to the Olympics, the US election and more.

There were agile campaigns, 360 campaigns and, recently, some of the most shared Christmas ads of all time.

But what does 2017 hold?


Making predictions is a tricky business, especially with a global audience in mind. William Gibson put it well when he said, “the future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.” But here goes anyway!

In 2015, marketers’ thoughts turned to ad blocking while consumers cooed over warm and fuzzy ads. But what can we expect from video advertising in 2016?

Here are a few predictions to kick off the new year. To see more of Unruly’s predictions here.


We’re just a couple of weeks away from Cannes Lions – and here at Unruly we can’t wait. And with good reason. Cannes, after all, is the “world’s biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry”.

What this means is that, between June 21st and 27th, copywriters, CEOs and ad boffins of all description get the chance to dress up like Ryan Gosling and compete for the admiration of their peers.