Unruly to talk on ‘The Art of Science and Emotions’ at Mindshare’s Huddle

On 15th November our Associate Director of Strategic Sales Ella Gribben and VP of Insights Becky Waring will be talking at Mindshare’s Huddle 2018 along with the Visualogical team.

Huddle is a jam-packed event of intimate and no-holds-barred discussions about the future of media, and each year the event focusses on a different subject. This year the focus is on ‘The New Era of Influence’.

The session entitled ‘The Art of Science and Emotions’ will take participants on a journey that explores the different applications of emotional data and demonstrates how emotions provide the competitive edge in a brands media strategy, now and in the future.

From supercharging campaign effectiveness to creating visualisations of our subconscious, emotional data is the new secret sauce that marketers need to pay attention to.

Our expert panel will explore the different ways emotional data can be applied, and the art and science of emotions will be bought to life as the audience can test Unruly’s facial coding for themselves, or participate in Visualogical, and create a digital portrait of their subconscious!

The session will take place in area 62 at 12pm.

Check out the full agenda here.

The IAB’s newest London event takes place next week. The Nonference (1 November, Tobacco Dock) is designed to be an interactive conference about the digital world, featuring a mix of famous names and emerging talent from across the industry.

Presenting ‘The art, science and superpower of emotions’, Unruly’s resident emotional insight boffin Rebecca Waring, VP Insight, will chair a panel that explores the different ways emotional data can be captured, choreographed and decoded. Partnering with our friends over at Visualogical (artists Victoria Westerman and Natasha Gertler), this session will be unmissable for anyone interested in understanding emotions and how they can be harnessed.

Visualogical is an interactive digital workshop that premiered at London Art Night in July, which harnesses the power of group collaboration and artificial intelligence to create collective art. Using word association, archetypal symbolism and colour psychology, Visualogical allows you to illustrate your mind, giving you the unique opportunity to walk away with your very own psyche self-portrait (pictured).

Rebecca will share a sneak preview of Unruly’s latest research about how emotions can drive brand building and customer actions, as well as show how Unruly’s emotional testing and targeting can deliver fantastic results for advertisers.

The Nonference takes place on 1 November at Tobacco Dock, London. Visit the IAB for more information.