German Supermarket Edeka Overtakes John Lewis To Become Most Shared Christmas Ad Of 2015

Step aside John Lewis’s Old Man On The Moon – there’s a new pensioner in town.

A commercial for Edeka, a German supermarket chain, has dethroned John Lewis at the top of the Christmas ad pile in just 1 week – a staggering feat considering John Lewis’ ad is always thought by many to be the biggest and best advertising offering over the festive period.


Maybe it’s just the sun finally coming out, but advertising in April took a refreshingly upbeat turn.

With Milifans and Cameronettes cheerily tussling over the impending General Election, and franchise trailers dropping to remind us of our youths, this month has seemingly put a spring in everyone’s step.

Not least of all, Dove, whose continuing viral success will surprise no one. Following a string of some of the most successful online ads of all time, Dove’s latest ‘Choose Beautiful’ tops the Unruly Viral Video Chart this month by a clear margin.