Unruly And Mindshare Launch Manifesto To Help Brands Beat The Ad Blockers

Video ad tech company and global media agency advise advertisers on how to deal with the rise in adblockers ahead of Mindshare APAC Leadership Conference; Survey finds 90% of APAC consumers would consider using ad blocking software

SINGAPORE, SYDNEY – April 28, 2016 – Video ad tech company Unruly and global media agency Mindshare today unveil a manifesto for brands looking to beat the ad blockers ahead of the Mindshare APAC Leadership conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, which starts next week (May 3-5).

The APAC Future Video Manifesto advises advertisers on how to future-proof their video advertising and deal with the rise in adblocking, predicted to wipe off $41.4bn from the global economy in 2016 (source: Adobe/ Page Fair).


It’s been a busy week at Advertising Week Europe, with talks on everything from Snapchat to AI. However, one subject that was on the lips of everyone at the Picturehouse this week was programmatic advertising. 

The four-day event was kicked off with a talk titled ‘The Programmatic Evolution” on Monday afternoon, and the conversation didn’t slow down for the rest of the week! And with good reason, with more than half of all online video advertising in Europe expected to be traded programmatically by 2020 (source: SpotX).