How TV Networks Can Use Online Video To Encourage Millennials To Watch Their Shows

Eighty percent of Millennials will watch a TV show if a promo has been shared with them. That’s according to our latest report, which looks at how TV networks can use online video to encourage more people to watch their shows.

It also found that Millennials are 10% less likely to share TV promo content than the average TV viewer, suggesting that TV marketers are failing to create content that resonates with Millennials.


But new report from video ad tech company Unruly finds TV marketers failing to engage digital natives; research also finds TV promos generate lower-than-average brand recall

NEW YORK – April 29, 2015 – Eighty percent of Millennials are likely to watch a TV show if they have watched a promo shared with them online.

That’s according to new research from video ad tech company Unruly, which found that 80% of digital natives will tune into a TV show if someone in their social network had shared a trailer, a clip or an original promo for that show. This is compared to 66% of average TV viewers.