Unruly to talk on ‘The Art of Science and Emotions’ at Mindshare’s Huddle

On 15th November our Associate Director of Strategic Sales Ella Gribben and VP of Insights Becky Waring will be talking at Mindshare’s Huddle 2018 along with the Visualogical team.

Huddle is a jam-packed event of intimate and no-holds-barred discussions about the future of media, and each year the event focusses on a different subject. This year the focus is on ‘The New Era of Influence’.

The session entitled ‘The Art of Science and Emotions’ will take participants on a journey that explores the different applications of emotional data and demonstrates how emotions provide the competitive edge in a brands media strategy, now and in the future.

From supercharging campaign effectiveness to creating visualisations of our subconscious, emotional data is the new secret sauce that marketers need to pay attention to.

Our expert panel will explore the different ways emotional data can be applied, and the art and science of emotions will be bought to life as the audience can test Unruly’s facial coding for themselves, or participate in Visualogical, and create a digital portrait of their subconscious!

The session will take place in area 62 at 12pm.

Check out the full agenda here.

In AdExchanger’s latest podcast, Unruly Media CEO Norm Johnston talks about the evolution of video ads – how they’re bought, how they’re sold and who gets to sell them.

“Nothing against Facebook or Google, but most people would agree they shouldn’t be upwards of 70% of the total industry and 90% of the growth in digital”

Norm talks about how Unruly aims to provide high-quality audiences outside the high-gravity orbits of Google and Facebook.

“Nothing against Facebook or Google, but most people would agree they shouldn’t be upwards of 70% of the total industry and 90% of the growth in digital,” Johnston says. “Most advertisers and agencies are looking to diversify their portfolios.”

The conversation also turned to what UnrulyEQ can do for advertisers. “A lot of advertisers have these wonderful creative agencies that like to win awards and produce beautiful four-minute videos to do that,” Johnston says. “But it doesn’t quite work in programmatic environments and online where you have shorter attention spans … We will find parts of videos that resonate the most strongly. You can cut it up by segment, to target different individuals with different parts of a video that resonate with those groups. If advertisers have a predefined segmentation model with first-party data, it complements that.”

Listen to the podcast:

Read the original article on Adexchanger here.

SINGAPORE – October 1st, 2018 – Unruly has partnered with several top tier publishers to launch The Philippines’ and Indonesia’s first-ever premium publisher marketplaces for outstream video ad inventory.

The UnrulyX Trusted Philippines Marketplace and the UnrulyX Trusted Indonesia Marketplace, both available via UnrulyX, will be the place to collectively buy desktop and mobile outstream video inventory across all top tier publishers in each market, guaranteeing premium environments for advertisers, with a potential audience of 55m million unique users.

Partners in the UnrulyX Trusted Philippines Marketplace include The Inquirer, The Philippines Star, Summit Media, Fox Asia, MSN, GMA Network, Rappler and OLX Philippines, to offer advertisers access to over 200 million video impressions per month. Partner publishers in the UnrulyX Trusted Indonesia Marketplace include Kompas, IDN Times, Fox Asia, MSN, Tempo, Brilio, OLX Indonesia and Perform Group, resulting in access to over half a billion video impressions per month.

The marketplace aims to meet the increasing demands of the ad industry for high quality outstream video ad formats on trusted, brand safe sites with the ease and precision targeting of programmatic buying. Quality of views will be independently verified by MOAT. Advertisers will be able to access this scaled, premium video opportunity through a dedicated Unruly team.

The collaboration comes after increasing research shows that premium sites deliver the most impactful digital ad campaigns – including recent research by Newsworks, Neuro-Insight and AOP that found quality editorial environments are more effective in driving long term memory encoding and engagement, than social sites. Another study by Newsworks and GroupM in July this year found that consumers spent 17% longer viewing ads on premium sites.

Unruly’s APAC VP Business Development, Haifaa Daw said: “Unruly has identified a need in the marketplace for brands who want to elevate the environments they are running in. Given our relationships with premium local publishers, we’re excited to provide the technology to facilitate and lead strategic industry initiatives such as this one.”

Phil Townend, Chief Commercial Officer Unruly APAC, said: “We’re extremely proud to be working closely with these flagship publishers across Indonesia and the Philippines.  Neuroscience and advanced measurement techniques show that consumer engagement levels are heightened within premium editorial environments and these video marketplaces offer both cost efficiency and engagement to drive business outcomes for advertisers. Our Trusted Marketplaces solve the problem of scarcity of genuinely premium, verifiably brand safe and viewable video at scale.”

Moris Rusmanto, VP of Digital Sales Kompas Gramedia said “There is a clear demand from advertisers for high quality video inventory and greater media collaboration to make buying at scale easier and more effective. The UnrulyX Trusted Marketplaces are a significant step towards giving advertisers access to some of the very best video ad formats online, and providing more certainty around brand safety and viewability. We look forward to testing this new proposition and working with the industry to deliver the best in digital advertising.”

Inquirer Interactive’s Chief Operating Officer, Gary Libby said: “With the introduction of The UnrulyX Trusted Marketplaces we have created a safe medium for advertisers who want to access verified inventory at scale. It is an encouraging development from the industry that will give advertisers access to quality audiences on one single platform.”

Advertisers can email Unruly’s commercial team at [email protected] to access The UnrulyX Trusted Philippines and Indonesia Marketplaces.

We are bringing MMS Programmatic to Auckland on September the 27th and to Sydney on October the 4th.

The summits are designed to change the way you think about modern marketing and programmatic innovations. The events will help you uncover new trends, technologies, and case studies to propel your strategy further.

Our Programmatic Lead for Australia, Heath Irving, has outlined five questions which he believes will shape the conversations at MMS Programmatic 2018.

1 – How do we increase trust in programmatic?

Trust has been a key theme this year and you can’t blame marketers for being wary. All you have to do is look at the trade press and it seems there is a new issue nearly every day. From fake news, to brand safety scares, to misreporting of metrics, and most recently shady auction mechanics. Because of this we need to ask how can we be more transparent so brands feel comfortable in knowing end to end where their money is going? What role do the big tech platforms play in enabling higher levels of transparency? Where do agency groups fall into this debate?  

2 – What lies ahead in Australia for mergers and acquisitions?

The abolishment of Australian media regulations which had predated the internet, and as many argued shackled local media companies and inhibited their ability to achieve the scale necessary to compete with foreign tech giants, has led to the sale of legacy print giant Fairfax by broadcaster Channel 9 who will now operate under the Nine banner. This will raise interesting questions at MMS Programmatic Sydney including; what will rival news companies look to do? Will this really mean less share for the big two? Is consolidation really good for the industry?

3 – What is standing in the way for brands to really adopt Connected TV?

smart TV

Heralded as the catalyst to finally bring real investment over from traditional broadcast into digital, two years in and we are still scratching our heads as to why this hasn’t happened yet. I am interested to hear what the key barriers are for brands. How important is having a universal currency to trade on? Is Nielsen’s new all screen offering really going to be a bulletproof solution? How important is being able to manage frequency across different formats? And finally, in terms of addressability what are the main challenges in our local market?

4 – How are brands faring pulling programmatic in-house?

At MMS Programmatic, I’m interested to hear about the motivations of brands that are planning or have pulled their programmatic trading in-house. I also want to compare the reasoning of those that have decided not to. First of all we need to consider supply chain management, technology and vendor selection. We also need to think about data housing and activating, ad serving, and also the role that consultancies might play in this space.

5 – Blockchain – revolutionise the biddable market or just media hype?

There’s been a lot of discussion recently on auction mechanics and how brands can get more transparency from the tech giants. Would trading through a blockchain enabled platform be a better way forward? How would it look using blockchain to support contracts and the reconciliation process of digital advertising? Are we at a stage where this is could implemented, and if so who are the leaders in this space?

Head here to find out more about MMS Programmatic in Sydney.

Head here to find out more about MMS Programmatic in Auckland.

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