Viral Review: Marks & Spencer Spend It Well

Marks & Spencer: Spend It Well – 8/10

For better or worse, brand associations can be hard to shake. And even with the brightest creatives and heftiest budgets at your disposal, ‘re-branding’ is a tricky proposition.

Take Old Spice, who took the marvellous and surprising journey from a fusty old bathroom cabinet filler to one of the most daring and unusual marketers out there. That transition has been ongoing for the last decade, and has taken consistently ingenious campaigns to keep their new brand identity alive in consumers’’ minds.


We spent the week watching the best, and worst, of what the web has to offer- and we’ve picked out five essential ads from the last seven days you should definitely see.

In this week’s batch of advertising goodies we go on an idyllic journey from 18th Century France to the misty mountains of Peru. Unfortunately, this once-in-a-lifetime trip is interrupted by the unflappable nonsense of Lil’ Wayne.