Winter Is Coming And So Are The Christmas Ads

There are no winners and losers on Christmas day, except maybe when it comes to share-happy brands. As with “water cooler events” like the World Cup or the Super Bowl, Christmas is heavily-contested marketing ground, with brands teasing their advertising strategies months ahead of the big day.

Though we’re still weeks away from popping the first box on our advent calendar, plenty of brands have started throwing their novelty Santa hats into the ring. And it’s easy to see why. According to Unruly’s Viral Video Chart, two of the twenty most-shared viral ads of all time are Christmas spots, accruing nearly five million shares between them.

The question is: who’s found a gift in their stocking and who’s found coal? Christmas advertising is a delicate art, and John Lewis’ early contender shows the retailer knows exactly what it’s doing.


Christmas has arrived! Sure, it may be more than a month till Jesus’ birthday, but John Lewis has just unleashed its festive offering upon the world. Hooray!

Yep, be prepared to fall in love with a little penguin called Monty, but be warned: it could make your eyes water.

The UK retail store’s commercials have become as much a part of Christmas as turkey, family squabbles and your gran falling asleep after one too many sherries. So much so, it’s annual festive fare has become the unofficial start of the Yuletide period. And, quite frankly, we can’t wait.

Sure, some Ebeneezers will be grumbling ‘humbug’ under their breaths at the faintest hint of a bauble or Christmas jingle, but consumers are already feeling feverishly festive.

According to retail research agency Shoppercentric, one in three of us have started our Christmas shopping by September at the latest, while ‘Christmas’ has been the most popular search item on the John Lewis website since September 3.