Festive Shops And Helicopter Drops: 5 Xmas Ads You Should Watch Right Now

Every week, Unruly searches far and wide for the branded content making the biggest impression across the social web. This week, there’s only one topic of discussion: Christmas!

With more and more brands unveiling the highly-anticipated festive campaigns, the race is heating up for the season’s big winner. Could it be Sainsbury’s with a family-friendly musical? Or M&S with its action-packed look into the inner workings of the Claus family.


A few days ago we shared our top tips on how to turn your festive ad into a Christmas cracker.

But Christmas is the season for giving – and we have five more tips to give.


Let’s talk about Christmas. OK, so we’ve just entered October, Halloween is not even a twinkle in a pumpkin’s eye and it’s not even that cold outside, but they do say it comes earlier every year.

Certainly for brands and ad agencies it does. Indeed, for a lot of marketers, the festive period is the focal point of their calendar, and many are already well into their festive campaign planning.

But how do you make sure you end up with a Christmas cracker and not a turkey? How do you avoid being haunted by the lyrics, “So this is Christmas, and what have you done”?


The most shared holiday ad charts are dominated by British retailers. Here’s what to learn from Father Christmas across the Pond.

Ah Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when Jack Frost nips at your nose and grandmas near and far dodge reindeer. Even for native Jewish Californians like myself.